Hello! Im Cosmic Skyways and welcome to my official website: Cosmic Skyways!

I am a freelance artist and here you will find updates on my latest artwork. This website will also include the following: commissions, work in progress pictures, sketches, events and much more! Feel free to have a look around. Any questions, feel free to contact me at: Chibiremixes@gmail.com

Other locations:

Facebook: Artwork and Information updates
Tumblr: WIP & Sketch Blog
Twitter: Updates, Artwork and Information about Chibiremix
DeviantART: My DeviantART profile.

Name: Cassie
Alias: Cosmic Skyways, formally Chibirem, and DJ Lune
Gender: Female
Location: United States
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Tools of the Trade: Photoshop CS6, Paint Tool SAI, Prisma Color Pencils/Markers, Copic Markers, Derwent Graphite Pencils.

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